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Beauty | Am I a Nars-cissist?

Beauty blogger confession #312: I didn't own a NARS product until 2015 *cue gasps of horror*

NARS, whilst being a brand I've admired from afar has never really been a brand that I have identified with - sure every bblogger knows the sleek matte black packaging and iconic lettering spells luxe, but I've always found lower-end products that fit the bill so saved my pennies for a rainy day - for example, when it was raining in Leeds last week and I literally ran to the Charlotte Tilbury counter...

That was, until the great red eyeshadow obsession of 2015 in which I search high and low for a matte MAC Cranberry-esque alternative until I found NARS' Grenadine. It's just enough out-there to be quirky but in a completely wearable and vampy fashion. I. Love. It. And then what turned up on my desk just a few days ago in my My Little Box? A NARS Orgasm Mini. If you are a fellow makeup enthusiast whose reading then then you'll totally understand my glee as I announced to my office that I finally had Orgasm - which thankfully most of them understood or else that could have been awkward...

Let me know what your favourite NARS product is in the comments below so I can add it to my now ever-growing list! Audacious lipstick anyone?

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