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Life | Tips to Declutter your Social Media

Like. Follow. Like. Follow. It's become somewhat of an endless cycle of seeing something you like or want to engage with and then connecting with that brand and another, and another... but with so many social profiles and a seemingly endless sea of haters, navigating social media can be rocky. Here are my top tips to de-clutter those feeds and encourage inspiration instead of despair.

Less is More
Finally, some clearing out that I can get on board with (not the wardrobe, never the wardrobe!). When it comes to the Twitterverse, I have realised the golden rule is less is more which is why I am usually following 400-450 people at most. Maybe we've grown apart since I last saw you at that thing three years ago or maybe we worked together on that project that time. But I just don't need to know what you're up to now. It may sound harsh but I like savouring my twitter space for the bloggers and brands I am currently connecting with. It makes my feed much easier to read and I can locate updates from all of my favourites without endlessly scrolling.

No Drama Lama
I am pretty darn ruthless when it comes to drama on Twitter. In fact, I made a whole video on it. For me, anything that's needlessly negative, frequently picky or just down right rude gets unfollowed. I don't need that in my life. I have enough problems to be taking on that of the internet. I don't care what they did, I'd just recommend airing that dirty laundry elsewhere. Say out of the public eye? I also stretch this to any abuse I see online. Telling a youtuber to "go kill yourself" is - and I know some people really struggle with this so I'm going to put it in bold - not okay. So I click the report button, and I'm proud of it. Didn't y'all ever see Mean Girls?

Present Positivity
In the same kind of vain, I like to surround myself with positive people. Both in life (wherever possible) and online. It's why it's been my pinned tweet for so long. Getting rid of the negativity and surrounding yourself with inspiring people does wonders for both mood and motivation. I can say I am both a better blogger, and a better person for doing this.

Putting Yourself Out There

I like to think of myself as quite a happy and bubbly individual and so I like to put myself across as a positive person, which means I don't tweet the bad. Ever. I get that some people will completely disagree with this saying that life is not all shiny and happy and others may see this as lying or as me not being myself online. But in truth it's what I would do as a person. I hide the bad in it's few, rare, occurrences - it's just who I am. I always have.

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