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Kiss | Beautiful Brow Kit

Lately I have become obsessed with a good brow - it took me a while but now my feet are firmly planted in the not-so-recent bold brow crazy and lately, its become one of my makeup staples. Add a dot of foundation here, a dab of concealer there and a dose of highlighter (inner corners, cupid's bow) and I'm ready to go. Even without my mascara - I'm telling you, I've been rocking that - almost - natural vibe.

But, as an artificial red head, I cannot explain my distain for 90% of the drugstore brow product catered for the masses with ashy brows. Give me something orange tone! Thankfully the Kiss Beautiful Brow Kit* has got me covered for all of my redheaded custom needs with two blendable shades of 'brow' to give those with brown-red tones that perfect custom shade.
This paired with a wax I honestly rarely use with my relatively tame-able brows (shame the same can't be said for my hair...) and the most beautiful brow bone highlighter in the world,  makes the perfect kit. Not to mention the range of tools, spools, stencils, brushes and blades to create a more polished look in between threading sessions.

The verdict? Whether you're a brow newbie or a Delevigne-style pro - this brow kit should be in your makeup bag.

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