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Matalan | Lookbook: His and Hers

A few weeks ago Matalan approached me with the idea of doing a His and Hers fashion collab on a budget of just £75. I have to admit, it's been a while since I have had a local store and I was rather convinced that it was impossible to get what I - as a semi-fashion blogger - would deem a complete outfit for less than fourty pounds a piece. That's the equivalent of what I would happily pay for a chic oversized jacket from River Island or a cute embellished dress from Topshop (sometimes needs must). So after gingerly texting my boyfriend to see if I could get him on board with both the idea and his blog debut, I eagerly set to work browsing their website. Which, photographically, has been updated to look like something right out of the ASOS magazine. It's chic and minimal and perfect.


Naturally we're starting off with the 'hers' section. Here's what I picked out for a casual outfit for the slightly chilly weather we've been having this summer. My favourite part of the ensemble has to be the Ribbed Tunic in Black* that fits beautifully, just screams the nineties and looks fabulous when worn over jeans - due to its split sides - or leggings for a sleeker look. The only criticism I have is that the neck hole is a pinch too small so there have been a few foundation transfer mishaps whilst changing!

Next up we have a pair of the softest jeans. Though not my first choice (check out these super popular Acid wash beauties) I'm glad I opted for these relaxed straight cuts with a low waist* instead of my traditional super skinny high-waisters. My current go to style to dress up one half whilst dressing down the other to create this effortless looks that's never 
 too done up or bland, and these fit right into that!

The best part of the whole experience was realising just how much of a budget I had left for accessories! And, as no outfit is complete without them - I just had to see what was on offer! The Roll Top Clutch Bag* caught my eye immediately as it reminded me of a pricey leather lunch box bag that ASOS had stocked a few years ago sans the delicate chain straps. As some of you may know I'm a practical girl first, style second so I can't be doing with clutches without straps - I will just end up losing it or end up juggling it with my camera and drink - and the chain detailing makes a nice touch and pairs well with the Metallic Disc Flip Flops*.

You can't go a summer without buying a new pair of flip flops. Their just the perfect slip on shoe, and the little metallic embellishments adds just the right amount of boho chic. Overall I love my choices and I've been wearing this ensemble frequently (without the flip flops sadly, we've been having the classic British summertime over the past week!).


The verdict from the boyfriend: I like the design of the shirts (Pictured: Listen Up Festival T-Shirt* but he also got Wave Print T-Shirt* too!). However their Cargo Shorts are a little thick for the summer. Good quality though!

The slightly embellished verdict from the girlfriend: It's a thumbs up from me too. As far as men's graphic t-shirts go, I really like the 'Listen Up' slogan tee, it's right up my alley and perfect for any music lovers. It just seems like a really casual summer outfit that's perfect for BBQs and days at the beach alike.

Let me know what you think of the ensembles in the comments below! What have been your top Matalan picks lately?

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