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Lifestyle | Fatigue, Square #1 & CARROT

CARROT App Alarm Clock Wake Up Timer Morning Tasks
CARROT App Alarm Clock Wake Up Timer Morning Tasks

It's time to fess up where I have been for the past two weeks where I abandoned ship practically mid-blog post. As some of you may know I've talked about my fatigue before in posts and it's usually debilitating but incredibly manageable. At one point I was working 25-30 hours a week doing three part time jobs, blogging and keeping up with my degree and social life all whilst feeling like I was ready for bed from the moment I woke up. It's all about routine, small breaks, good health and a lot of positive thinking. But mid-July was a busy week for me, I had what I would call two major events in a matter of a few days which left me incredibly run down.

I'd also just headed back to the doctors for what should have been an easy scan of my blood test results follower by a diagnosis and a treatment programme. Instead I was met with an empty file. My practice I had been to whilst I was at university had failed to send over my results meaning that I was back to square -1, or more specifically square #1 minus 6 weeks. And somehow on my less than ten minute trip round the surgery I caught a tiniest of colds that proceeded to ruin the next three days of my week.

I was bed bound, dizzy and achey. I had little or no motivation to move and managed, at best, an hour long driving lesson before having to come home and pass out in bed for the rest of the day. This was a particularly bad three days for me. Imagine you have insomnia even though you have slept a good 14 hours, done little to no physical activity but feel like you have accumulated this huge sleep debt. It's an incredibly odd feeling and the worst I have felt in months. It did, however, do wonders in cleaning up my Netflix queue - namely watching three seasons of Heroes flat out whilst recovering over the next week and a half and slowly trying to do more each day.

That's when I found CARROT. It was just the motivation I needed to drag my ass out of bed and just do something. For most people doing something with their day means heading out to the beach or connecting with friends. For me it meant walking from my bed to the washing machine and doing a load of laundry or making something a little more complicated than an instant meal, sandwich or soup for lunch on days where I had next to no energy. It tells me off, yells at me and gets angry to wake me up or make me finish a task which, as a people pleaser, is just what I needed to start small and aim big.

But not too big. My little time out also left me some time to watch fatigue related video after fatigue related video (it's  a lot easier than reading on the bad days). I'm now working on a credit system of 10 credits per day on my days off with things like cooking as -2 or -3 and relaxing in a hot bath as a +1 with frequent breaks between activities. I'm saying goodbye completely to vigorous exercise and hello to massages and yoga (on those very good days). I am, whether I like it or not, being forced to take a break and SLOW DOWN.

So, that is where I've been the past two weeks. In case you were wondering, today I'm feeling better, happier and have a lot more energy than I could conceive a week or two ago but I still have some pretty brutal - but liveable - pain. I feel a lot more like productive me again! What about you? What have you guys been up to? I need someone to live vicariously through!

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