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Kiss The Moon | Glow Sleep Recovery Set

I have decided that Kiss the Moon Sleep Recovery* bedtime baths are quite possibly my favourite baths - which I'll admit is an incredible bold statement with the likes of Lush on the scene. But I can honestly say I have never felt so relaxed before bed than after I up-ended half of their Glow After Dark Bath Oil* into the tub and settled in with my Youtube playlist - if you haven't tried this it is the best way to catch up on vlogs.

It's been an age since I have taken some time out to truly pamper myself bar the occasional hastily applied face mask here and there so it felt incredibly to just shut off from the world and focus relaxing with the scent of white tea. The truth is, I didn't really notice a major difference until I stepped out of the bath - my achy muscles felt fantastic, my skin nourished (without being greasy) and by the time I'd crossed the threshold to my room I was just about ready to crawl into bed.

But not before applying a few drops of the Glow After Dark Face Oil* to my temple and cheeks and settling into the cutest set of PJs (from Primark, naturally). I do love a good face oil, especially when your skin is dehydrated and lacking luster as it literally brings it back to life whilst all you're doing is sleeping. Especially when it smells like falling asleep in a field of flowers. Though, as with any face oil, I would advise putting a towel on your pillow if you're heading straight to bed to avoid any potential transfer.

As of yet, the only thing in the kit I haven't tried is their Silk Sleep Mask* as my room is pitch black at night by design, but it's definitely something I'll be packing to go travelling with in the future. If you're looking for the perfect gift, why not give someone the gift of a beautiful nights sleep? You can also get 10% off your first order at the moment by signing up to their newsletter!

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