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Beauty | Your Lips But Better / Topshop Beatnik Dupes

I think all beauty bloggers strive to find that perfect your-lips-but-better shade that's perfect for those no-makeup-makeup looks - just how #bblogger can you get in a sentence? And I found mine last year in Topshop's Beatnik Lips which has since been sadly discontinued. so since then I have made it my mission to dupe hunt far and wide for the perfect replacement. An after much swatching, I've finally narrowed it down the the final 4 contenders.

MAC Syrup and Rimmel 45 are both a touch too sheer and peachy, though equally glossy, to work but make the perfect dupes for each other in case you've been lusting. Where as Rimmel's Asia is pretty spot, if not a tiny bit more pigmented and slightly less sheer. But it's nothing you would be able to notice on the lips and has consequently become my new favourite lipstick of all time. That is, until Topshop take pity on us all and bring Beatnik back in all it's pink-nude glory. At which point I plan to buy a thousand.

What's your favourite your-lips-but-better tone?

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