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Beauty | Three Ways to get Whiter Teeth

Today's post is all about getting whiter teeth easily, and in some cases naturally, at home. They won't give you those Simon Cowell grills but they do make great substitutes within your normal regime.

Blue Based Lipstick
As a rule of thumb, blue-based lipsticks works wonders for the lips (hello glamorous red!) as well as the teeth by working to cancel out the yellow-tones of stains. Though temporary they provide an instant lift! Pictured is one of three Wild About Beauty lipsticks in Rich Berry* from their recent collaboration with Listerine that has been especially chosen for just this reason! Which brings me nicely into my second, more-permanent fix...

White-Enhancing Products
There are a whole range of toothpaste that promise enhanced whitening, I personally love my White and Glo specifically formulated for tea and coffee drinkers. But until I got sent the news of the unique collab between Wild About Beauty* and Listerine Advanced White* that promises whiter teeth in just 2 weeks, I just had to test out the duo.

Sadly, I found the mouthwash to be particularly harsh on my mouth and although it did feel like my teeth had been blasted clean, it also felt like my taste buds had been taken off too! So for a gentler, more natural solution, here's what I've been reaching for lately...

Coconut Oil aka Oil Pulling
This is by far the most time-consuming and slightly cringeworthy method of teeth whitening I've discovered. But it's by far the most natural and imo the best as it leaves your mouth feeling detoxified and your teeth brilliantly clean.

Take a teaspoon of raw coconut oil and allow it to melt in the mouth and swill/swish for as close to 20 minutes as you can get. I found it easiest to start at 10 and work my way up. When finished dispose of in a bin - not the sink! - and repeat as often as you wish. I like to do it every three days or so whilst writing a blog post or watching TV.

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried and tested any of these methods. What's your number one way of whitening your teeth?

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