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Beauty | Dermacologica at Pure Beauty

Hi, my name is Charley and I would describe myself as a post-teen with the worst skin. At the moment I have dry, somewhat hormonal, spot prone skin that likes to flare up underneath my skin on my cheeks, chin and forehead - yes, you read that right there is literally no escape. So when I was sent some Dermacologica products from Pure Beauty for review, I jumped at the raving five star reviews of their young skincare range: Clear Start.

I so wanted them to be good, but instead they were more 'meh' on my 21 year old skin. That's the only word I have to describe them. Did they make my skin better? No. Did they make my skin worse? No. They just were, which I why I debated publishing this post for so long - is it really worth writing a whole post if you can sum up its effects in a single word? The Breakout Clearing Overnight Treatment felt light and nourishing on my post-cleanse skin but had a very strong and undescribeable scent that I wasn't overly fond of. Whilst the Breakout Clearing Cooling Masque was again, just a generic masque, my skin didn't feel noticeably cleansed, soothed or improved compared to my go-to masks from Quick Fix and Aimee.

That is not to say that these products won't work on your skin, as I said they have five star reviews for crying out loud, however they weren't able to aid in clearing my break outs so I'm throwing it open to the comments. What would you recommend?

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