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Absolute New York | Flower Beauty Stamp

Calling all festival goers, this is you number one accessory for getting your no-fuss festival chic on this year with Absolute New York's Flower Beauty Stamp*. Is it gimicky? Yes. A little childish? Yes. Remind anyone else of those multi-coloured stamping pens they used to have as a child? Obviously.

Growing up I was obsessed with temporary tattoos and when I ran out I doodled. I was a doodler and I think I drove everybody a little crazy. But honestly I have little artistic ability when it comes to non-digital creations. Point being - this little guy takes all the fun from my childhood doodles and requires almost zero effort.

So, as any adult-minded, twenty-one year old would do I've been running around with cute little flower stamps on my wrists, arms, back of the neck, ankles... basically anywhere I deemed to be cool enough to house my stamped designs. I feel about five and have no regrets.

Imo, this beauty stamp would look awesome in place of festival paint around your eyes - think cute sugar skull for inspo. I just wouldn't recommend doing it if you have to have any official engagements in the next 24 hours as the ink lasts relatively well and requires a little scrubbing to be removed.

Now excuse me whilst I go back to playing, I mean, thoroughly reviewing.

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