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Pandora | Bracelet Update featuring Joshua James

Can you believe it's been an entire year since my last Pandora update? I can't - it doesn't seen five minutes since I was in my flatmates bedroom surrounded by my friends at 12:01 on the 30th October 2012 delicately undoing the ribbon on my first Pandora bag. After all, that's really what these bracelets are all about - memories.

My owl charm reminds me of the late nights I spent partying studying with my new found friends (and freedom!) during my first year of university, my pumpkin and my ghost - a nod to being an almost Halloween baby - and my camera given to a photography obsessed me for her 21st birthday by my wonderful flatmates and more importantly, long term friends.

But the most recent additions to my collection - the Pandora Silver Bracelet with Heart Claspcomplete with a Lion Head Charm* - were kindly sent to me by Joshua James Jewellery, a Yorkshire based brand. And just in time too as things were starting to get a little crowded on my Read Leather Pandora Bracelet! Now get the fun option of mixing and matching or stacking as I please.

This new version of Pandora's classic bracelets comes with a double-sided heart instead of a round clasp, which acts almost as an extra charm. But what really drew me to it was the ability to section off your charms around the bracelet which greatly pleases the perfectionist in me! As does my little crowned lion, which I carefully chose to symbolise my finally conquering university after three very long, very hectic and very stressful years! He is the king of the jungle after all.

What do your little Pandora memories mean?

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