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Let's Talk | June

I've not even left university a month and I am already tearing my hair out of boredom. I just have this inherent need to be busy. This past week has been a busy one for me I survived my first 'big girl' interview, discovered I'll be graduating with a 2:1 in Psychology, officially booked my driving test and gotten my very first car  - complete with Minion air freshener. That's a whole lotta grown up to deal with just over a week. Oh, and I dyed my hair briefly ginger too.

I've cleared out my wardrobe and those scary junk boxes under my bed. I have binned, bagged and boxed so much but still have a way to go before I no longer feel like I am transitioning back home. I still have a suitcase packed and boxes of kitchenware to trawl through, extra bedding, towels, books and clothes that I just have no room for. It's so odd packing up and entire life and them attempting to cram it into a bedroom. Things just don't work that way.

I also checked the remainder of my student loan today for the first time in over a month. If I don't check, I can't know how bad it is right?. I kept telling myself this over and over and yoyo-ed between holding out for a job that I love or just applying for a job that I could do right now. This came after I had a really - completely unusually and freakish - down day where I worried too much about money and not being able to do things or go places or even pass my driving test. It was sucky and it was touch and go for all of four hours until I went to bed - got as good a night's sleep as a girl with fatigue can - and then decided the next day that momentarily, madness had set in.

What I have now is incredibly lucky, I have a chance to have a break and to take some time out without anyone questioning the gaps in my CV. I can take things slow (which does involve some Netflix) and although my life isn't a riot right now, it's nice to just focus on the little things rather than the big scary picture. Which is so incredibly unlike me. It's taken me some time to realise that it's okay sometimes to put your feet up. But at the same time I'm ready to jump back into a vigorous blogging schedule with daily posts and two video uploads a week in order to keep myself busy until I decide it's time to venture into the big wide world again.

How was your June?
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