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Shotique | Black Crochet TOMS

Shotique Black Crochet TOMS Top View

These Black Crochet TOMS* are potentially the comfiest pair of shoes I've ever owned. They're delightfully bohemian and by definition slouchy shoes, but the intricate design makes them acceptably dressy. Wear with a cute summer dress or some slouchy shorts, the choice is yours. It's why I selected them from the huge range of shoes Shoetique has to offer.

Being a narrow footed, high-arches half size. I typically resent any kind of shoe shopping with a fiery passion. Especially they online kind. You buy them, the don't fit, you faff around printing of labels and arranging pick up times... it's a lot of hassle. And this was no different. Having the most awkward shaped feet in the world, I decided to opt for the larger of the two sizes I was between (hint: I was wrong, TOMS, though relatively true to size, size down).

Thankfully the returns process was pretty much easy peasy: repair the excitedly ripped open packaging with parcel tape, attach label and post. Exchanges are free! Admittedly it wasn't all plain sailing as my shoes did managed to get lost somewhere at the other end but a quick call the the lovely people on the telephone (yes, PEOPLE, not machines!) and my new shoes arrived within two days!

I have decided that I am never taking them off. Maybe.

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