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My Little French Riviera Box | June 2015

My Little Box French Rivera Sarah Lavoine June 2015
My Little Box French Rivera Sarah Lavoine June 2015 1
My Little Box French Rivera Sarah Lavoine June 2015 2

This months edition of My Little Box: My Little French Riviera Box in collaboration with with Sarah Lavoine (June 2015) dropped through the post a little later than usual this month. Though they'd kindnly informed us about the delay, I'd all but forgotten. So when this lovely marine-themed collection of both lifestyle and beauty goodies that marks my fourth box from the subscription service came to my door, I was giddy. Here's the lo down on what I received, spoiler warning:

Sunglasses by Sarah Lavoine
How on trend are these SL sunnies right now? They've got the perfect nineties vibe finished off in a sepia toned frame. Obviously they're the perfect addition to any handbag, pool tote, trekking rucksack... or whatever else you may be carrying this summer.

Woven Printed Planters
Honestly, these are the last things I expected in a monthly subscription box. More over I didn't gauge just how excited I would be! I'm not massively into gardening but I have managed to keep a cactus a good friend gave me (and it's babies) alive since I was 7 and this would be the cutest way to give it a new home from its current terrarium.

Sailor Scrub - Salty Fresh
There is something about summer and smooth skin that goes hand in hand. After misplacing my beloved Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub whilst moving, this little miracle is about to get a ton of use. Plus, it will make the perfect bathroom addition - how cute are those anchors?

Kerastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique by L'Oreal
To me, hair care means anything I can do in 30 seconds or less and I can see this travel sized anti-roughness/anti-dullness blow-dry milk coming in handy for a no-fuss smoothing treatment.

Loved by Sarah Lavoine Nail Polish (501)
This nail polish is identical to the colour of my bathroom. It's bright, bold and beautiful. As soon as my Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Polish in Coconut becomes unwearable, we'll ignore it for a few days and then have a crack at using this.

The overview? Another kitsch and cute addition to my ever growing collection of My Little Boxes. Filled with summer essentials to have you effortlessly preened and stylish.

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