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Essence | Blush Up in Heatwave

Essence Blush Up in Heatwave

Essence Blush Up in Heatwave Pan
Essence Blush Up in Heatwave Swatch

Over the past few months, Essence has quickly become one of my favourite drugstore brands, often offering budget alternatives to high end brands - like this Benefit Gimme Brow dupe - that pack a punch when it comes to quality.

Picture this, I was stranded at university with just my rose gold blush and a couple of peachy cremes. I had both an orange and pink hole in my train case but was fairly reluctant to spend much as I knew I had both in my collection at home.

Enter Essences's Blush Up! in Heatwave, the perfect ombre of a pigmented pink blended with a vibrant orange (and when I say pigmented I really do mean pigmented!). As a customisable blush shade, it works and as a travel compact, it's ingenious. If you're going to pack one blush in your suitcase this summer, make it this.

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