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Kiss | Gel Fantasy Nails

My dear readers, I am having a nail-related dilemma and I really need your help to solve it! Behind the two beautiful sets of the Kiss Fantasy Gel Nails* is the sneakiest glimpse of my End of Year Ball Dress - don't worry you'll get to see the whole thing soon! - that goes perfectly with both pairs - so which do I choose?

The black (KGNO5*) are oh so vampy and  little more glamorous in length plus they match the top of the dress. Where as the gold (KGN08*)  blend flawlessly with the bottom, theymake me feel like a princess and they're shorter and that means they're less likely to fly off, right?

Oh I don't know! What do I go for, vamp or princess?

YOU decide in the comments! I'll be posting my GRWM: End of Year Ball Edition next week.

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