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Skincare | Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil SKincare Grinif Raw Rawganic

Facial oils in general have become a new love of mine, but Jojoba Oil* has become a complete skincare staple as it's great for locking in moisture and improving the texture of the skin overnight. I use three drops: one for each side of my face and another for the forehead and massage them well into the skin just before bedtime before topping with my favourite night cream - Manuka Doctor's Rejuvenating Night Cream*, more on this another time - and heading to bed for some well deserved beauty sleep.

With this in my routine, my skin feels a lot softer, plumper and less dehydrated and my base makeup is easier to apply and appears more radiant later in the day when it has usually slipped or settles into my pores.

In this particular blend of which 98% is Jojoba Oil, 1% Vitamin E and 1% Lavender Essential Oil. The Lavendar oil works great at relaxing and de-stressing me before bed and as an antioxidant, the Vitamin E, a favourite in the skincare world, works to protect your skin from harmful free radicals such as pollution and fights the signs of premature aging and can be used to reduce acne scarring.

My skin is at that awkward stage now where I should be emerging from the terrible teen breakouts and into a nourising anti aging regime - your skin starts aging from the age of twenty, you know! - but I often swap in a couple of salicylic acid based creams to fight the inevitable breakouts and it's nice to have a facial oil to balance everything out.

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