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Lush | Easter

First off, if you're reading this HAPPY EASTER if you so choose to celebrate it. I personally don't, I'm just relishing in the thought of all of the chocolate milkshake recipes I can make from those eggs! Now, back to business: over a month ago, the lovely people at Lush Hull invited myself and a select few other bloggers to their very first event for an exclusive preview of some of their Easter products, just a day before they were due to launch in stores. It all felt incredibly top secret.
The first order of business was some serious product demoing, everything - and I mean everything - from the range was demoed, tested, smelt and generally loved by all but by far the Golden Eggs were the show stealer in my eyes, shortly followed by the Fluffy Eggs (can you say Snow Fairy fix?). Because they smell INCREDIBLE sadly, I still have both of them yet to try due to my complete and utter lack of a tub at my university house! (Read: will report back!).

It was then onto the workshop in which we whipped up a batch of the Angels on Bare Skin face and body cleanser and the Catastrophe Cosmetics face mask that have since helped me out one heck of a breakout. If you're a teenager, makeup user, skin breaker-outer... (you get the idea) then you need this mask in your life. It cleans and clears without being harsh, your skin feels incredibly nourished and your redness reduced.

Overall it was an incredibly lovely evening, I can't wait for their next event! Even though, in blogging years, I felt rather ancient in comparison to the rest of the enthusiastic bunch, it was lovely to get to meet some new people kicking about the Hull bloggersphere. Speaking of, if you every find yourself in the Hull branch of Lush, just mention my name to get an extra little goody in your bag at the Lush checkout!

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