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Beauty Tip | Contouring for Pale Skin

Here's a quick contouring hack for all of you pale people out there who just can't find a bronzer to match their complexion or are looking to avoid those orange undertones. For a cool contour shade, Boot's Natural Collection has the perfect shadow for the job in Milk Chocolate. Atop your base, dust into the hollows of your cheeks and down the sizes of your nose for a chiseled finish. I've even been skipping the blush and just sticking with this base, brows and contour for the perfect no-makeup makeup.

And, if you're running short of time Milk Chocolate makes the perfect transition eyeshadow colour for the crease, pair with a smidge of cream eyeshadow -I recommend Maybelline's Colour Tattoo On and On Bronze - and you're ready to go!

What beauty hacks do you use in your makeup routine?

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