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P.S. Love Your Skin | Oil Balancing Face Scrub

When Primark Launched their makeup range, I was excited, but not there expanding it's almost nail biting. In the past few years in the beauty world we've seen the likes of MUA and Makeup Revolution soar to makeup fame with their low budget and good quality makeup. And, whilst we're on the topic I can't wait to get my hands on one of their new lip liners or foundation sticks as soon as I can! So watch out for those reviews...

Whilst their makeup was the buzz of the bloggersphere, I have heard absolutely nothing about their skincare line - so much so that I was positively shocked, and more than a little hesitant about purchasing something after years of bad breakouts from budget blemish busters. But in the spirit of blogging, I tried. Not wanting to compromise my near perfect skin routine (Read: seven years of hard work in the making) I picked a couple of products that would fit in nicely, without compromising my normal routine, one of which was a good exfoliator. Which is something I used to love back when I was fifteen but haven't really thought much of until my skin took a turn for the worst about eight months ago - and I'm only just getting it back on track! Possible TMI: exfoliator is great if you suffer from tiny under the skin spots like me!
At first use, the P.S Love Your Skin Oil Balancing Face Scrub (£1.50) didn't appear to have any visible beads so I double checked the packaging and stood frowning in the shower (the best place to do anything to your skin as the steam opens up your pores which means you get a deeper cleanse). That was, until I started rubbing the product onto my face, the beads are tiny - minuscule even - so you'll get the perfect clean without rubbing your skin raw or emphasising existing blemishes.

I also really like the scent which reflects the Tea Tree Oil (a must for spot prone skin), as well as the simple and stylish packaging. But most of all, I love the price.

Have you tried any of Primark's skincare line?

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