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P.S. Love... | Brow Kit

After seeing a few well known 'tubers use the Naked Basics Palette by Urban Decay on their brows, I admit, I was tempted by the idea. It's not that I've never used shadow on my brows before, I have (See: Playing with New Products), it's just that I've never used anything that light before. I don't know if I've been inspired by the recent trend of the nineties supermodel no-makeup makeup (Read: Kylie Jenner), but I've really cut down on a) what I use on my face and b) its full on finish. Which is incredibly refreshing and why my blog has been severely lacking in the FOTD department lately!
In store, the center shade of the trio appeared quite light; though this may have been a moment of post-work, post-holiday shopping madness on my part. As, when I did my brows the next day using the they weren't nearly as good as they looked with the Naked Basics Palette but still miles more natural than the Makeup Revolution Ultra Aqua Brow Tint, which I still love for more full-on looks.
Regrettably for the non-red heads out there palette does have a reddy pull to it, as do a lot of low end brow products, and the tweezers and brush are nothing to get excited about. As for the staying power, I found just the powder set with a clear brow gel lasts a fair while but isn't something that's going to stay in place all day (or all night). But for £2, you're getting everything you need to keep your brows in check, which makes is a great starting out product for those just beginning to experiment with their brows - and once you do it once, you will never go back!).
What other products have you been using from the P.S. Love... line?
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