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Life | Spring Cleaning

I'll admit, I'm a convert. Down with hoarding, spring cleaning is the best. I'm just on of those people who has to have everything for any eventuality. Like, what if I urgently needed a pair of scissors and have lost my first to or can't find the bag that matches my outfit just right. It's why I always over-pack for just about everything.

Lately I've been clearing out bit by bit by just grabbing a box and working out what I actually need and what I just want to have because it makes me feel safe or is sentimental some how (Read: "some how" - from a note your best friend wrote to you when you were fourteen to a lipstick you wore to that event one time).

For a few of reasons, actually:
1) I have more stuff than drawers and this is bad because i) it's messy ii) it's dusty iii) it doesn't make for nice blogging photos.
2) Because I realise I don't actually need all this stuff. The world is not going to explode if I run out of lip balm or can't find any of my three pencil sharpeners.
3) In June my rooms collide - essentially undoing all this nice cleaning out business (sort of) but it will be nice not to have to start at ground 0.
4) Whilst 3/4 of my room has now been painstakingly wallpapered, I still have 1/4 to go plus a heck of a lot of painting, moving, sanding and dusting. Welcome to my summer project.

Have you got any tips for spring cleaning?

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