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Haircare | AirMotion Pro Hair Brush

AirMotion Pro Hair Brush

Considering I frequently dye my hair, I'm pretty careless when it comes to its aftercare. I'm all about the quick fixes and the solution that take seconds so swapping out my usually Tangle Teezer for a brush that promises to reduce the strain on my hair, make pulling and tangling history and smooth and straighten seemed like a dream come true from the AirMotion Pro Brush*.

I loved the fact that this brush has a handle, a basic I know, but it was a luxury I'd been missing with my Tangle Teezer, and the rubber grip makes it really easy to tackle those unruly hair days and is great for combing conditioner through in the shower. At a similar price tag, I was expecting pretty similar results, like the way it glided rather than grated against my hair, casing less "ouchies!" and more "oohs!" in the bathroom mirror. The AirMotion Pro Brush* definitely left everything feeling a little more sleek and put together  too, with my lacking hair routine. Though, having hair like mine, I can't really comment whether it straightened it as that is sometimes a feat for even the hottest of irons!

After using it for a month or so I did notice that I was being a lot gentler on my hair in the mornings, and definitely had fewer split ends with regular trims and the use of  a hair mask - this definitely gets an A+ from me.

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