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Food | The Pulled Pork Melt + Green & Mint Tea

BBQ pulled pork has become my most recent obsession and The Dancing Goat over in Hull offers it smothered with cheese and served with nachos and coleslaw which - minus the coleslaw pour moi - is absolute heaven and definitely something I'm going to use to spice up my usual slow cooked pork rolls at home. To see a food blog over here is a rarity. But recently I've found myself getting excited by the tantilising tastes life has to offer, and more over healthy food in general (though really not in this case...). 

The little trip also introduced me to the most wondrously refreshing drink - chilled green tea with mint. You should know by now I'm a massive green tea addict and although I often dink it at room temperature, I've never tried it with ice. I cannot wait to DIY myself complete with sprigs of fresh mint and the heart-shaped ice cubes that are currently chilling in the freezer.

All in all it was the perfect post-coffee and pre-lecture pick me up with two of my favourite blogging pals - Hannah and Jenni.

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