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Fashion | Matching Monochrome with Pattern

It's officially spring here in the UK and my wardrobe, well, my wardrobe pretty much reflects that which it does every season: monochrome. But this year I've been daring enough to venture out into some pretty daring patterns to save myself from feeling like an incredibly dull individual/like I'm heading to a convent.

I know I've spoken about using texture before as a way to add interest to your outfit, much like layering it allows even the most dullest of dull items to look lively and cleverly put together, which is good news for us die-hard monochrome fans.
Pairing the black and Whist Greecian Style Shift Dress (Miss Guided) with my 3/4 Length Quilted Black Blazer (George) - both pictured - is a great way of playing with geometric texture and pattern and drawing the whole thing together. But that's not to say that you can't use clashing patters too, I've been loving the combination of my Black 'Window Pane' Geometric Blazer (New Look) - pictured - paired with a Black and Grey Feather Print High-Low Top - both a quite loud and very different but because the colour scheme just clicks, the outfit works when paired with plain and simple accessories.

What patterns have you been wearing recently?

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