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Fashion | Elle Backless Bandage Bodycon Dress by Style Me Celeb

How killer is this Elle Backless Bandage Bodycon Dress* by Style Me CelebWorn here over a lace bandeau to keep everything PCIf you're looking for something incredibly sexy that sucks everything in by fitting like a glove and giving you curves where you never knew you had them before! It's incredible!

The only complaint I have is in the cleavage department, it's definitely designed to be bra-less for those whom are a little more 'gifted' in that region. In my case, it reveals a little - okay a lot - more than I was comfortable showing to the internet, camera, mirror, housemate (my #1 dress approver) or anyone for that matter. But I think the lace adds a stunning vintage feel that gives the outfit an added touch of elegance.

Got dress envy? You can check out their London-based boutique here or, you know, take comfort in the fact I was wearing striped PJs and pink fluffy slippers just out of shot (no, really).

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