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Beauty | Lipstick Loving & Makeup Storage

Current Makeup Storage: I've found having a train case is a small miracle - it allows me to keep my regular collection organised, it takes seconds to find products on a sleep-deprived morning and it's great for transportation. But lately I'm constantly reaching for the same old products and ignoring the lipsticks that lurk underneath in the second layer, so it was time for a complete re-haul.

By cracking out my lipsticks, lip glosses, lip crayons, lip liners... and whatever other lip products were hiding in there I've actually rediscovered a lot of shades I completely forgotten I'd had. And, whilst it's not the prettiest of solutions, it definitely serves its function well and often makes me think twice before picking out that everyday shade and walking out the door.

However, a not so small part of me just can't wait until I can stop transporting half of my collection cross country and just store it in one nice, clean, acrylic filled unit. Original, I know. Let me know in the comments below how you store your makeup and if you've ever been stuck in a product using rut!

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