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Skincare | Updated Routine for Spot Prone Skin

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After years of trying cleansers and treatments this is the only thing that has a difference to my breakouts. A holy grail product -i f you're on the fence I'd highly recommend a trip to your closest Boots. I use at night after double cleansing and wake up with beautiful skin.

This is the perfect addition to my skincare routine, I use this as a second step creamy cleanser - after removing my makeup with Micellar water. It removes any left over makeup and packed with antioxidants which are great at protecting against the effects of those nasty free radicals that degrade skin. Plus it's very nourishing which makes it incredible if you suffer from dry skin.

The only spot treatment product you really need - add a drop into your mousturiser if you have particularly problematic skin or drop onto a cotton bud for spot treatment before bed. But don't be tempted to use it under your makeup - remember it's an oil so it can look incredibly greasy and won't help with coverage.

For those stubborn and painful spots, I find nothing works better than Ibuprofen gel at reducing the redness and inflammation overnight. Just dab a small amount onto the blemish until it vanishes.

Once all the spot treatment is done and dusted and you're left with something angry and red-looking you need a repair cream to soothe and promote healing. Whilst, technically this sample size is intended for use after light dermatological procedures, I find it works great at tackling areas or redness or slightly dry skin too!

What are your top products for spot-prone skin?

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