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OOTD | She's Electric: Checked Blazer

If you're a regular reader, you'll know I'm a student living away from home and I just headed back to university for my final term and with me came a selection of my wardrobe...

Reasons why having two wardrobes is a stupid idea:
I forgot this killer checked vintage blazer, like I do many of my clothes...
Causing me to spend hours looking for them...
And eventually calling my Mum...
This is such a problem that it take up four lines.
Moving between them is a pain in the butt.
Freak days of sunny weather in the winter months stump me.
Collecting them together some day will result looking like a bomb's one off in my room.

Reasons why having two wardrobes is great:
More space.
Can split into seasonal wardrobes (I would like to say there's no use for those pesky jumper during August, but get real, I live in the UK).

Can you think of any more?

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