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Education | Wordly Wisdom

135 days. That's how many I have left in formal education - notice the formal - I am told that you never stop learning - and after ten and a half years of playing with lego, playing on photoshop and now playing with plastic brains, I think I know a thing or two. Here's my very own wordly wisdom about education:
1. Secondary school is probably the worst thing you will ever experience - no one know who they are yet, so whilst the popular kids fight with the emos - or whatever you crazy kids have now - it's all just because of the narrow minded and stereotypical view of pigeon holing the world. It's all very High School Musial of me, but you can be more than one clique, really.

2. Whoever made up the rule "you're only allowed one best friend" clearly only had one friend. You may not understand that now but will when you're older but for now, whether you have one friend or twenty - don't compromise.

3. Don't listen to other people, listen to your teachers. As a young Hermione Grainger-type at school I understood this completely but to give you a taste of what could have happened if I'd followed along with everything I'd been told: self pierced belly button at twelve, ride in a police car at fourteen, stomach pumped at fifteen, several hundred boyfriends in between. Instead? I probably read a library's worth of books and avoided any remotely romantic encounter until I was sixteen. I was a hoot.

4. Your oldest friends will be some of your best friends. If I were to look at the people I hold nearest and dearest, a good forty percent of them I've known for ten or more years. I suck at maintaining friendships, but don't we all? Life just sort of takes over sometimes and before you know it you look back and months have passed. But I know I can always pick up the phone and call any one of them at any time for any reason - no questions asked.

5. Because I feel I should end on a good number: be silly, make mistakes. The non-permanent and certainly not a tattoo kind or mistakes. Else you're going to have no stories to tell your very own "little horror" when they grow up. What you think is the most mortifying moment of your entire existent may just turn into an anecdote in a few years time.

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