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Beauty | Top Three Travel Palettes

As January is the month of exams, I've done my fair share of train-hopping between houses, and I'd like to think I'd done it in style with these three travel palettes that can fit right in to anyone's budget and style. Here's mine:

Exam Makeup Priorities: Fast, Blended, Neutral, (0r Procrastination-colour), Fast.

Because who want's to be up unnecessarily early on an exam day? Especially if it's in the morning as I'll have probably lost at least six or so hours sleep fretting and convince myself that morning cramming is a good idea. With that in mind...

I have been in love with this palette, then watched it gather dust and now it's a staple in my travel makeup bag again. I'm pretty sure I've covered all of this before but it's the perfect pint-size for travel and comes with a handy mirror (Read: who actually uses pocket mirrors anyway unless in dire need?). For a fast, matte and oh-so-nineties eye - that seem to be all the rage at the moment - I opt for Naked 2 on the lid and Faint in the crease to add a little definition to my eye socket. Add a little water or fixing solution to Crave and it also becomes instant eyeliner.

Possibly the most perfect mix of matte neutrals with a hint of shimmery colour. This palette is a little on the chunky side for the travel and I'll admit to being constantly concerned if the cardboard packaging will make it all shadows in tact, but I just love it. If the Naked Basics Palette is an overnight deal then this will certainly see you through a weekender sporting the same chic matte shades with a little dazzle (Garnet - swoon) for the evening.

If you're one of those girls who carries their makeup bag in their purse then this needs to be in it. Matte shades, shimmer shades, you know the drill - it even comes with two brushes and brow shades (Read: one angled brush that is great for smudgy liner). But the bright pops of colour in this palette are to die for - just check out that sapphire or the emerald green...

What has been your favourite travel palette lately?

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