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This is one of those posts that I write incredibly late at night because:

1. I am trying to avoid sleep - which will only confirm that today - 1am - is, in fact, today and I have an exam tomorrow.
2. I'm still waiting for my nails to dry.
3. Which is all a very bad idea because: I really can't afford to be tired right now, I do not have enough space in my bag for my coffee machine, I am a terribly anxious nails biter when it comes to exams and I will have horribly chipped polish by tomorrow with nothing to replace it (note: pack polish).

In eight hours or so I will be in a car hurtling up some motorway or another, making my way back to university for the grand total of less than 36 or so hours to sit 1/4 of my final exams for a degree course I don't really need (read: technically) and don't really want to continue. Here's why:

1. My career path has changed - for the better.
2. I adore psychology but repeatedly learning certain topics is tedious.
3. I am a creative individual who really should have picked a degree course accordingly and not be fooled into thinking I am in any way overly academic by my secondary school.
4. Forensic psychology scares me - there are some terrible people out there in the world.
5. I want a house of my own, a space I can decorate and sit in in peace and have control of the heating - all those kinds of grown up things.
6. I need grown up job that I can leave at the end of the day and really leave it, no work, no heaps of textbooks or colour coded post its or late nights spent dreading the looming deadlines.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, wish me luck. I think.

And now I have the hiccups.

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