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Liquid Lipsticks | The Matte Edit

During my bi-annual blogging hiatus due to the wonderful word of education, I fell in love with the matte lip - actually, allow me to rephrase: I fell in love with the budget matte lip. As it's no secret how much I covet the cult Lime Crime Velvetines - just check my Instagram likes! - but for the price tag I'm a little more than reluctant to splash out - even if it may fantastic and can last literally all day long... Okay, so I'll admit, I caved a little with these drug store dupes that satisfy my craving without breaking the bank. But the real question is which is the best for your buck?

Splurge - At £10 this is the most expensive matte lip creme of the lot, it applies as a very pigmented gloss but dries within seconds to non-drying velvet matte that lasts for a good working day. By which I mean through an early morning start, an exam and a meatball sub, or a day of shopping, travel and two meals - the trails I go through for blog's sake. In fact, the only bad word I have to say about this range is their limited shade range. The verdict: I adore the shade, the pigmentation and it's non-drying but don't rush out to the shops just yet...

Shades | (L>R) Blood Orange, Velveteen Ribbon

Spend - For a long time I loved this lip product as it was the first real matte lip to hit the drugstore market way back at the end of 2013. But now I've had a taste of what else it out there, I'm left feeling a little cheated. It won't last through a meal and scrapes through a cup of tea, it smudges, transfers and becomes bitty as it removes. The verdict: great if you want something easily accessible and want to test out the matte lip, especially if you fancy a quirky purple shade the others lack, but it just doesn't last!

Shades | (L>R) Atomic, Restless, Kooky

Save - Best. Lipstick ever. There, I said it. This little guy just lasts and lasts - through a hot and steamy bubble bath, face scrubbing, tea and a scone - and just does not budge until you crack out the makeup remover. I'd even go as far as saying I'd wear it out for a meal without being afraid of the dreaded smudgies. But how likely is it to break the bank? At around £1 from eBay I strongly recommend testing it out - with 36 shades to choose from in pinks, nudes and reds, if you can wait a few weeks for delivery this is probably the best buy of my year so far. I've even put in a second order! The verdict: AMAZING! Just make sure you have some Micellar Water or something similar to hand for removal.

Shade | 28

What are your favourite matte lip products?

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