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Life | Simple Steps to Positive Thinking

During exam period I noticed myself become less of my usual bubbly self and more a giant black hole of pressure, negativity and fun sucking, so I got to thinking of ways to force myself to be more upbeat and positive in the things I could change  - everything else - than the things I just  had to live with - exam stress, degree stress, third year stress - you get the picture.

Let me be the first one to say duh. But it takes a lot to finally get around to banishing those little sources of dissatisfaction in your life. My top 3 include: my over-brimming room, drama (the bad, not-on-TV kind) and negative thinking.

(Chic stationary optional). Creating an action plan is an active way of starting to solve your problems one step at a time. Mine looks something like this:

1. Whilst you may have cleared out bundles of old clothes over the festive period you really need to shift some more so add anything you're dubious about wearing into an old laundry bag, if you don't miss it in a month (non-seasonal clothes are the exception) then pack it off to the local charity shop.

2. Repeat after me: bite your tongue, it is not your problem, breathe deeply. Repeat as often as necessary.

3. Instead of putting yourself down about the tiniest little things, think positive thoughts instead. For example: oooh crap, I nearly knocked that off there, the world as I know it would have clearly end if I knocked that off there -> graceful Charley, but it's cool you're swift reflexes thwarted that evil mug - congrats (or something like that...)

Whether that be on exams or healthy eating, focus on something positive  you either a) need to or b) is going to make you a better/healthier/happier person. Don't dwell on the bad.

Finally, and this is the thing that really gets me, stop thinking what if? What if the world ends tomorrow, what if I fail that exam, what if they've magically changed the coursework deadline and not told anyone? The likelihood of any of those things happening is slim to none but the likelihood of you wasting time worrying about them is almost certain. Stop playing what if on your lonesome. It's no fun.

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