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Elf | Studio Blush: Gotta Glow

Elf Studio Blush Gotta Glow Highlighter
Elf Studio Blush Gotta Glow Highlighter
Elf Studio Blush Gotta Glow Highlighter Swatch

It's January and, as my last year as a student, it calls for many late nights hitting the books and many early mornings trawling through textbooks which is unforgiving on my zombie-like, coffee-craving appearance. And there's only so much peach toned concealer can cover - it combats the purple hues, I recommend Soap & Glory's Kick Ass Concealer - but for that extra boost I've been reaching for Elf's Studio Blush (let's face it, highlighter!) in Gotta Glow.

It's a brightening, if slightly chalky, powder flecked with gold shimmer and teeny tiny chunks of glitter. So if you're one for sheen rather than sparkle, this might be one to avoid! But because of it's white undertone it works wonders for highlighting the under eye area and instantly adds hours of sleep to your complexion.

It also makes a great highlighter for the cheekbones too! Or can be used with a light hand all over the face to add an illuminating finish.

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