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BD Trade Secrets | Express Eyes Collection: Cafe Latte

Recently my local Tesco had a major re-haul of the beauty isle and, naturally, I went for a cheeky play with some of the products in their fancy new back lit cases, instead of finishing the food shop... The new Barbara Daly section was completely revamped and featured every single swatch of every single product - I'm sure you'll agree this is somewhat of a small miracle - so I could sweep and blend until my heart was content.

Being a sucker for any shimmer natural shadow, the Express Eye Range caught my eye so I lifted up as I lifted the protective plastic and dipped my finger in to some of the creamiest, butteriest shadow known to man. Dare I say that it rivals the likes of my Urban Decay? They were beautiful! And after some debate as to which to purchase I walked away with Cafe Latte, a bright, peach toned and satin gold that makes a great shade for applying all over the lid or just a dab in the centre to brighten and draw focus to the eye.

The only drawback was the lasting power on my oily lids which didn't manage a full day without a primer but I highly recommend pairing it with Urban Decay's Primer Potion in Sin* as the champagne tones compliment the shadow whilst ensuring it lasts all day.

Have you tried anything from the BD Trade Secrets range?

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