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The Library of Fragrance | Jasmine

After The Library of Fragrance were nice enough to send us some samples to have a play with at the latest Hull Blogger Meet, I was delighted when I found them in my local Boots store - so delighted in fact, that I proceeded to sit there and smell each and every one from Rain to Gin and Tonic at least three times - seriously, Hannah can vouch for this! Until it came down to just Gingerbread and Jasmine and I surprised even myself for going with the more floral of the two.

The aim of the game for this brand is to mix and match the scents to create very your own customised perfume provoking memories of, well, rain, gin and tonic, gingerbread and jasmine... I can't wait to collect more as they are very true to smell (except maybe rain which is more of a masculine scent than that of a summer rainstorm).

I also adore the bottle and marketing - it's simple and fresh and has a no fuss description "Simple. Subtle. Singular Scents. Each Day. Everywhere."

Which one is your favourite?

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