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Ted Baker | Spritz and Sparkle Minis // EDT Collection

Still stuck what to get your loved one for Christmas with just days to go? Not to worry - Ted Baker has got you covered with their Ted Baker Spritz and Sparkle Minis* (£22) for women and Ted Baker EDT Collection* (£16) for men.

Spritz and Sparkle
These are the perfect stocking filler, tree decoration or gift to split between your friends at school. Imagine walking downstairs bleary eyed and in search of coffee to find that Santa left these for you ion the tree! They're also great gift if your other half is unsure of what they want - this could be a great way of pointing them towards a new scent or creating the possibility of trying out several new ones. As they're great just to throw in your handbag and be on your way and perfect for midday touch ups to keep you smelling sweet all year!

EDT Collection
I love these, in fact I have loved a very specific one of these for about five or so years now *cue awkward teenage cinema date with my then to-be boyfriend and I was hooked*. They're the perfect art deco style present for the teenage boy or man in your life to experiment with different scents and make an ideal stocking filler!

SCENT TIP: I was recently reading a glossy mag in which Blake Lively confessed to wearing men's cologne under her perfume for a slightly more masculine and androgynous scent so, naturally if Blake Lively says it's a good idea - it's probably a good idea. So I've been adding a splash of 'L' from the Ted Baker EDT Collection under my own fragrance of the day - and I absolutely love it! It's sweet and floral and yet you catch this really deep and rich scent under it all - I just can't get enough of it! Looks like my boyfriend will have to look elsewhere this Christmas...

What have you bought your loved ones this year?

Let me know if you try the scent tip!

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