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Makeup Revolution | Viper Mascara

Wait. There's a Makeup Revolution product* out there that I don't like? I didn't know they made such a thing! I wanted to love it's curved wand that reminds me of the mascaras of my teen-hood but I just... didn't...

That's right, I have had this constant love-hate relationship with mascara whereby I layer it on and love it - I mean I l-o-v-e it. Honestly, give me my Collection Lasting Perfection and a good waterproof mascara and I am good to go. But this? It's not waterproof and sadly doesn't last! And therefore my lashes hate it with a passion and I look like a panda a mere two hours after application.

But I wanted to give it a good try, I really, really did! I even stepped outside in the rain and, well we won't go there too much but I was no longer presentable afterwards (I found this out after I had returned from uni to hand in my essay - no wonder the poor receptionist thought I was stressed!).

 Now I know, I know, it's not you it's me. But what can a girl do? Does any one else have this problem? What are your thoughts on their Viper Mascara*?

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