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Makeup Revolution | Ultra Blush Palette: Golden Sugar

I swear I beginning each and every Makeup Revolution post the same way - but why change the habit of a lifetime?

This year Makeup Revolution have taken the beauty and blogger world by storm - who knew you could have that pigmentation and lasting power for the mere price of a few pounds? It would have revolutionised my secondary school beauty obsessed life and saved me countless misses with other budget beauty brands. This generation, you have no idea how good you've got it skipping the sticky lipgloss and sheer glitter fallout all over your face. I digress...

As one of their November releases, this Ultra Blush Palette in Golden Sugar* has become my travel palette. In fact, in a little over a month it has travelled 469 miles cross country with me and if you take a look at those shades you can see why. Highlight - check, blush - check, shimmery sheeny bronzer - check, matte contour - check. With the pigmentation and price tag you would expect from my new favourite brand - it's perfect.

For me at least, the only thing I could possibly understate is the lack of a matte, bright blush. But hey, it's winter, who cares. I've recently made the change over to cream blush anyhow and find that these swirling pinks provide all the setting powder I need with a hint of a glow.

Makeup Revolution, once again you have absolutely nailed it.

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