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Makeup Revolution | Redemption Palette: Iconic Dreams

Are you sensing a theme yet this week?

Here's Makeup Revolutions newest Iconic Palette in Dreams* - it is still their newest right? I just can't keep up with all their glorious new releases! - as you can see the pigmentation is on par for the rest of their range and is absolutely astounding for the mere £4 price tag.

Unlike the rest of the Iconic range, famously duping Urban Decay's Naked Palettes this , I believe is an original. There's a great range of matte and shimmery shades that can take you from day to night, with rosy hues reminiscent of their Iconic 3 but by far my favourites are the green-based golds as they're so unique! The light matte shades make a great subtle brow highlight and the matte pinks are perfect for a put together everyday matte eye.

It's a beautiful palette to be sure, but if it wasn't for those green shades after owning the Iconic 1, 2 and 3 as well as a couple of Salvation Palettes and their Ultimate Collection - I'm asking myself if I really needed this palette and the honest answer is no, I probably don't - but I'm still besotted with those gold based greens!

Have you jumped on the Makeup Revolution bandwagon yet?

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