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Blogging | Top Five Tips for Bloggers

If you're thinking about starting a blog in the new year, or just want to try something new with an existing one, here are my five top must-read-or-else tips (just kidding, sort of...):

1. Be social! Whether that's to friends, other bloggers, brand or even just posting about your day. One will get you noticed and the other will stop you from becoming a hermit whose only interest is to write just, one, more, post.

2. Buy this bad boy ring light that caused a storm when I bought it to October's Sheffield Beauty Bloggers Meet. It will improve your macro and product shots ten-fold. Honestly!

3. Schedule posts like there is no tomorrow. I get far to excited whilst writing up my posts and have a habit of jumping the gun, posting several "award-worthy" posts in one go and then have a two week hiatus as the tumble weeds roll across the home page. Moral of the story: don't do it!

4. Be interesting because, in short, no one's going to read your posts if you're not. Embrace the inner quirk (or in my case, nerd!).

5. Read this post on photography tips and this, my comprehensive guide to blogging!

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