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Blogging | My Blogging Photography Kit

What's in my Blogging Camera Bag?

This is going to be different for each and every blogger, but I wanted to share with you the photography cheats, tips and tricks I use to improve the way I take photos - no matter what I'm taking them on!

As in most instances, and I have to say this, it's probably not the camera - it's you!

Camera & Lens

For my photos I use a Canon 600D with either a kit lens for macro or a Canon 50mm f1.8 II Lens which give beautiful background blur. But nowadays most smartphones have enough megapixels to product a large resolution crisp image - you just have to know how to use them and in some instances you can 'cheat' your way to a better image!

For example, I've just said about the background blur of my 50mm lens - this can easily be achieved by a nifty little app that blurs the background of the image. Your main focus should always be focus and lighting and once you've got those right it'll hardly matter what you're shooting on!

Editing Software

Whether it's Lightroom which is fantastic at batch editing photos or MIX, a free android app which allows you to save various filter combinations and apply to as many photos as you wish - there's quite literally something for every budget when it comes to editing software whether you're on your smartphone or desktop. Here are my recommendations:

Software: Lightroom

Online: Pic Monkey, Canva (FREE)
Apps: Afterlight, MIX, VSCO Cam, Pixlr Express (FREE)

Have a play and see what works for you!

Photography Equipment

Most bloggers will say you need some kind of tripod and a white-based light source such as a softbox or a ring light. And whilst I have both, I think that they're a completely optional 1) because you really don't need to spend any money at all and 2) you should become your own photographer and take photos however you wish (take note) I am just merely suggesting... Point is, I just bought the tripod because I like photography, soft box lighting for my job and a ring light because it created the most beautiful lighting you have ever seen and I needed it.

However you can always DIY these yourself for absolutely nothing...

Quick tripods: A stack of books - we've all been there - or a shelf and self-timer.

Best lighting: Daylight, obviously or a white-based daylight bulb - otherwise be prepared to spend hours correcting those dreaded yellow-hues.

General Photography Tips

Utilise daylight when photographing products.

In terms of fashion, if you're shooting outside use the first/last hour of sunlight of the day known as the 'magic hour' for magical lighting.

Correcting the image whilst you are taking it is much easier than correcting it afterwards in the editing process - is the lighting yellow, is it in focus?

Shoot with the same set up two or three times and then pick the best image, it'll save you re-shooting.

Batch photograph when you can, you'll have more time to set up and can concentrate on getting the image just right.

Have you got any photography-related tips you'd like to add? Or any questions? 
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