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Beauty | Everyday, Budget Makeup Brushes

Here's my everyday budget blush round up featuring - SHOCK, HORROR - NO Real Techniques Brushes at all. These are what I use on my face everyday for a natural and effortlessly blended look that gets me from my my makeup chair out the door in about ten minutes - and the very best part is that the're all under £6 each for an entire face of makeup!

Okay, so technically this is a bit of a cheat as it's a sponge and technically not a brush. But I'm allowing it for the simple fact that I swapped my beloved Real Techniques Expert Face Brush for this little guy earlier on in the year, and I'm never going back. Firstly, it's a steal in comparison to the coveted Beauty Blender and gives you flawlessly blended high coverage and can get into all those niggly areas and corners of your face. I've been using it pretty much every makeup wearing day of the year and it still looks amazing (bar, well, my foundation, obviously...) and it also works fantastically with concealer too!

Recommended Products: Revlon Colour Stay Foundation, Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

For £1.50 I never knew I could love a brush so. It's obviously too small for foundation so after succumbing to the hype around the new P.S Love... range by Primark it sat gathering dust in my brush pot until my recent swap to cream blush for which this is perfect. It blends fabulously but packs enough pigment onto the brush that you end up with that coveted wintry rosy glow. Swoon... A must have for all the cream blush lovers out there!

Recommended Products: Boujois Cream Blush, Revlon Cream Blush

I bought this on a whim at one of Elf's 20% off sales as I do love a good blending brush - more so than any other brush, ever. Though no the fluffiest I've ever seen it works well to pack colour onto the lid as well as blending it out; which makes it perfect for travelling or for no-fuss look 

Recommended Products: Recently I've been using Shade 3 (lid) and Shade 11 (crease) from Makeup Revolution's Redemption Iconic Dreams Palette

KathleenLights over on Youtube suggested this brush in one of her videos, so, obviously is Kathleen says it's a good brush I need it in my life. And my she is right, never again will I resort to using my fingers to blend out my concealer. It works well across all areas of the face with both creme and liquid concealers - but I find it specially useful in highlighting the under-eye area.

Recommended Products: Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, Seventeen Phwoarr Paint

This was in the first brush set I ever bought from ASDA (£10 for the set) four or so years back so I was delighted when I say they had a re-release of a similar set on their shelves for Christmas this year. I loved this set, I still do. I think the brushes are amazing for the price you pay and I still use my Angled Eyeshadow Brush to this very day to apply my brows on a morning when I'm not using Seventeen's Brow's That Kit or I'm using it in tandem with Makeup Revolution's new Ultra Aqua Brow Tint (review coming soon!) because it gives the most beautifully sculpted look.

Recommended Products: Makeup Revolution's Ultra Aqua Brow Tint

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