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Blogging | The Hull Blogger Tag!

Charley - We all know Hull is the greatest place on earth, but if you didn't live there, where would you live?
Hypothetically I would love to do a stint in the States, but at heart I'm a bit of a home girl. Put me some quiet Victorian flat or teeny tiny cottage somewhere with a roaring fire and a good book and that'll do me!

Joanna - On average how many makeup products do you use per day?
If we go with this morning I used BB cream, two concealers, powder, blush, highlighter, brow kit, lip liner, lip stick, three different eye shadows, setting spray, mascara, liner - so fifteen? Crikey, and the worst bit is I'd say that's a pretty average day for me. I really enjoy playing with lots of different products on a morning with a cuppa tea and my fluffy blanket..

Kate - If you were given a plane ticket and told you can go absolutely anywhere in the world. Where would you go and why?
On one hand I would love to go back to Venice, it's such a cultural experience and a truly beautiful place - plus the food is to die for! But on the other, I'd love to explore somewhere new - maybe a Contiki tour is on the cards yet...

Lucy - What independent shop do you most like to visit in Hull?
At the moment I really adore Poor Boy. They have this beautiful handcrafted jewellery made from silver forks and spoons and fashioned into bangles. I think it's such a quirky way of refashioning something old into something new. But over the summer it was definitely Magpie's Den with their flawless floral crowns that were perfect for the festival season. And next month? We'll see Hull has so many niche independent clothing brands.

Susan - What are the main differences between your makeup looks and choice of products in the summer and your looks in the winter?
For me, the biggest difference is in the colours I wear. I'm a vampy red girl at heart which really comes out during the autumn along with the bold brows and matte finish. In the summer I'm much more relaxed and will often skip the lippy altogether or opt for a light nude sheen, my makeup is much more relaxed, dewy and light.

Megan - Where do you think is the best place to take outfit photos in Hull?
It has to be Old Town doesn't it? I can't think of a better place! You've got cobbled streets and and oldy-worldy feel - plus you're never too far away from a good cafe to reward yourself with a nice cuppa tea.

Chloe - What makes Hull unique?
The friendliness of the people - I felt it from my first day here!

Chelsea - Most repurchased beauty item?
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - I have been hooked on the stuff since I was fourteen and have gone through many a tube since then! It's one of those product that truly deserves it's holy grail status in the beauty world in my eyes.

Alex - What’s your favorite thing to do in Hull?
You mean besides meeting up with you lovely lot?

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