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Beauty | Maybelline Fit Me Concealer // 10

The Maybelline Fit Me Concealer had it all: a creamy formula, full coverage and a natural finish that all beauty bloggers far and wide preached was the next best thing to Nars Creamy Concealer... So I find myself, once again asking, why don't I like it?

Maybelline has fallen for the all to familiar fatal flaw of the drugstore and that is the shade. Even at it's lightest (Light, 10) it's far too dark to cover blemishes for the english rose complexion. Which, sadly is soul-destroying if you've ever had the sweet satisfaction of swatching it - as it makes the perfect highlight shade for under the eyes - banishing bags and brightening in a sweep!

I know this is shaping up to be a somewhat negative review, but honestly Maybelline, I love your product, I do - just please release more shades!

What are your thoughts on the Fit Me Concealer? Have you tried it yet?

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