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Beauty | Bad Habits

Recently I have been accumulating so really awful beauty habits which I know we all do. And I'm really trying to break, so I thought the first step would be share then all with you here, and hopefully get some encouragement!

1. Tugging at the corner of my eye when applying eyeliner.
This increases the likelihood of wrinkles tenfold, but I just can't see how else to do it! (EDIT: Try the Nanshy Precise Bent Eyeliner Brush - works wonders!)

2. Washing my brushes weekly.
There are multiple benefits of washing your brushes weekly - including easier and better looking makeup application and reduced risk and reduced build up of bacteria, which equals less spots. The benefits are quite literally endless - so why can't I and many other beauty bloggers seem to keep up with this?! So far I'm managing once every two weeks and that's only if I'm lucky!

3. Double cleansing my face EVERY night.
Picture this. It's the end of a long day and you've just got in from a long day. All you want to do is grab a quick bite to eat and fall straight into bed. Do you take the time to head for your trusty cleanser? No. You head for the nearest makeup wipe before your head hits the pillow. This however will only clean the makeup from your face, it'll do nothing in the way of unblocking and cleansing your pores. Double cleansing leaves you feeling free and fresh all night long and will improve your face in no time.

4. Opening my mouth when I put mascara on.
Every girl does it (and if you don't can you please teach me?). It really has no consequences - you just look a little bit silly!

5. Chucking out old makeup.
I'm terrible at this. I know mascaras have a shelf life of around about 3 months - but do I listen? No! I will use it until the product is gone. Really you should throw out old makeup after it's shelf life has run out or if it changes in colour or smell - this means the product could have gone off and leave you with a nasty little reaction in the process!

What are your worst beauty habits?

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