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Life | 21 Things // 21 Days // Before I'm 21

1. Do something for sheer enjoyment, regardless of the consequence.
2. Develop a fitness routine.
3. Try not to crash during your first driving lesson.
4. Get that dissertation plan down.
5. Go find a happy place by exploring somewhere new.
6. Finish cleaning out that room of yours.
7. Don't put off today what you can do tomorrow. You always do.
8. Visit home.
9. Read a book. Remember how much you used to love reading? Make time for it!
10. Steer clear of toxic individuals and refrain from the deadly art of bitching - it never helps.
11. Cook something adventurous.
12. Ride the ferris wheel at Hull Fair because even though it's squeaky and sways the view is amazing!
13. Spend a whole weekend not worrying about yourself, your friends or your degree.
14. Accomplish something that you're proud of.
15. Beg and steal your way into a bubble bath (if you have to!).
16. Learn at least 10 new words and use them frequently.
17. Reconnect with an old friend and, whilst you're at it, make a new one.
18. Do at least 5 nice things for someone else - minimum.
19. Do something you've never done before or haven't done in a while.
20. Refrain from turning your phone on for at least 6 hours.
21. Try out 20 different makeup look and pick your favourite to wear on your birthday - what? It makes great blogging material!

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