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Freshers' III | I'm Getting too Old for this

After defining myself as a distinct non-party goer in the age of fake IDs I knew university would be a struggle. I'm the girl who would trade my heels for comfy slippers, my shots for a nice cup of green tea and the ear splitting beats and jerking and stumbling crowd for a round of binge watching Netflix. In other words, some of you may be thinking I'm boring as hell.

In my first year of Freshers' I managed but a handful of events, instead opting to spend time dossing around my new flat with my new found BFFLs, generally setting the trend for the rest of the year. My second year? I worked on the buses and during the day at the fair's so I got all the energy of the events, the buzz of the new students without having all the alcohol and still being able to crawl into my bed at a reasonable time of night - perfection. I did however manage to wreck my voice on more than one occasion. The longer the week went the louder those shy wallflowers of freshers became.

 So what am I doing in my third year? I've practically and reasonably and not at all induced by peer pressure opted to do both. Welcome party. Beach party. Ice disco. Nightclub. The most freshers' events I have ever been to and ever will be to in the very same week that I am working nine-to-five. Good one there C.

What I have learnt:

I am not a morning person.
I am never drinking Jager again.
Five hours sleep is sometimes better than ten.
You can meet some really lovely people on the way home (no, really).
Slinging an arm around a stranger to keep them from crying can lead to the best conversations.

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