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Blogging | Sheffield Meet #Sheffieldbbloggers

If you follow me on social media, you'll know that last Saturday I attended the Sheffield Blogger Meet organised by the lovely GeorginaHeather and Ashleigh and got to hang out with some of my favorite blogger pals old and new. It was such a well-planned event with never a dull moment and so much to get stuck into including making Lush bath bombs, hand massages, brow shaping, and indulging the what is probably the nicest cake I have ever had the pleasure of tasting (thanks Costella Cakeaway!).


After getting my first peek of the Lush Christmas line I was promptly covered in glitter, or at least my hair was thanks to the wonderfully nineties and Christmas invention, First Snow. Now I'm not sure what occasion would allow me to walk around with my hair shimmering with glitter but I feel like if I don't at least attempt to make it work before the run up to Christmas then I never will! I also took a shine to the Sparkler Bath Bomb which I need to purchase before I head back to my family home this week and yes, my bathtub. I also got a sniff of my all-time favourite Cinders and now officially can't wait for the leaves to turn and Autumn too begin.

I also had a crack at making my very own Baby Robot Bath Bomb. Which, might I say went a lot better than my fluffy mess of a Butterball Bath Bomb earlier on in the year!


Here's a sneak peek of just some of the amazing raffle prizes that were up for grabs - ladies you really pulled this one out of the bag! I had my eye on the dazzlingly bejeweled Ear Cuff donated by Taupe & Pearl as well a selection of The Balm goodies but the thing that everyone seemed most excited about were the Vivian Westwood rings!

Overall from the raffle we raised £250 for the charity Look Good Feel Better, a charity that specialises in helping cancer patients through the aesthetic side of having chemotherapy by providing beauty bags bundles with products and workshops to not only provide them with a self confidence boost, but also to teach them how to apply their makeup, draw on their brows and keep their skin hydrated. It's a wonderful idea and I'd like to thank Jan for talking to us about the charity and, if this interests you, there are plenty of local branches where you can volunteer yourself for just a few hours to make someone's day by giving them a makeover! You can get involved on their website.


The event was held in Maveli an Indian restaurant that, heads up, no taxi driver knows were to find as myself, Lucy, Becky and Sharon found out! I'm more of a home bod and a bit of a boring meat and veggies kinda girl when it comes to eating out, but it was great to try something different and has definitely inspired me to be a little more creative in the kitchen at home. By far the desert was my favourite (you can't blame a girl can you?) and was a little like a cross between jelly and cream topped with crunchy bits. Little did I know, that wouldn't be the only sweet I had that day thanks to Georgina's surprise... (ooh, ominous)


The HD brow

T H E   S U R P R I S E: C A K E

Just before the end of the meet, Costella Cakwaway - that's right a cake takeaway - appeared with some delicious delights for us to try. I nabbed a bit of the Cookie Dough Cheesecake which was heavenly as well as the Chi-town Brownie which was delectable!

All in all the meet was absolutely fantastic and the goody bags werew AMAZING - keep your eyes peeled for a look into mine next week over on my Youtube channel!

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